Pre-Requisites for Global Mindset Inventory Certification

Pre-Requisites for
Global Mindset Inventory Certification

In order to successfully administer and debrief the GMI and provide effective development sessions in Global Mindset, our certified facilitators should have strong foundations of professional, cross-cultural, and facilitation experience.  During your registration process, you will be invited to provide a professional resume that provides us with information about your experience in these areas. We suggest the following minimum pre-requisites:

  • A minimum of 5 years professional experience in at least one of the following areas, or in an area closely related to one of these areas:

Human resources (e.g. talent management, learning and development)
Consulting (e.g. performance, organizational development)
Executive coaching
Organizational psychology
• Higher education
Government and/or not-for-profit organization learning and development

  • Professional experience working in other cultures and/or teaching cross-cultural themes
  • Professional facilitation and/or teaching experience
  • For GMI 360 certification, prior training and experience in at least one other 360 instrument is recommended