GMI for Government & Nonprofits

GMI for Government & Non-Profits

Global issues and challenges are not limited to the corporate sector. Non-profit organizations and governmental agencies face similar challenges.

The Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) is the premier assessment tool developed by Global Mindset Institute specifically for non-profits and governmental agencies to assist them in determining a global leader’s ability to be better prepared for the opportunities, risks and challenges that come from working with the cultures of the world. GMI has been modified from its corporate version to reflect the realities of working in a non-profit or government sector.

Dr. Mansour Javidan explains why do Goverment Agencies and Not for Profit organizations need a Global Mindset

Pinpoint Global Influencers

 Non-profit organizations and government agencies are increasingly facing global opportunities and challenges. They need officials, managers and leaders who can influence people and organizations from other cultural backgrounds. Having a strong Global Mindset profile is a proven predictor of success in global leadership positions. 

"(the GMI) not only helped me assess and evaluate my own global preparedness, but got me thinking how to help others".
–David Maher. World Action Teams. Exec Director

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Rate Yourself Using the Following Scale






Not At All

Small Extent

Moderate Extent

Large Extent

Very Large Extent

To What Extent Do You Rating
Intellectual Capital Sample Questions  
Know how global events may affect your industry.  
Know about the geography and history of several cultures.  
Have the ability to understand abstract ideas.  
Psychological Capital Sample Questions  
Enjoy exploring other countries.  
Test your personal abilities.  
Feel comfortable in new environments.  
Social Capital Sample Questions  
Have the ability to work with people from other cultures.  
Have a network of people from other cultures.  
Experience ease with starting a conversation with a stranger.  

* Sample survey questions are not actual GMI questions

What is Global Mindset?

Global Mindset is a set of attributes and individual characteristics that help global leaders better influence individuals, groups and organizations unlike themselves.

It is measured using the Global Mindset Inventory (GMI), which assesses three types of capitals and 9 competencies:

The GMI Assessment

  • Is a unique approach to building Global Leadership capability
  • Measures your Global Mindset in three capitals and 9 competencies
  • Is a custom tailored learning for your group or individuals
  • Is a web-based survey consisting of 76 questions
  • Takes an average of 10 minutes to complete
  • Is available for self-assessment or 360 peer feedback
  • Was developed through a rigorous scientific process
  • Has been validated by the Dunnette Group
  • Is available in multiple languages

Applications of the GMI

  • Assist with quantifying the ability to succeed in navigating across cultures
  • Help identify success potential in employees and new hires in organizations
  • Can be used for developmental measurement purposes
  • Note the strengths and areas of improvement for Global Mindset

Group Debrief Workshop

  • A one-day, on site workshop where you and your colleagues will identify ways of improving your Global Mindset
  • You will receive a scored report on you and your group’s overall GMI score(s)
  • Recommendations and suggestions on how to improve your Global Mindset

The Global Mindset Institute is dedicated to helping define, measure and develop global leadership, global talent and global knowledge.

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