GMI for Executives & Corporations

GMI for Executives and Corporations


Globalization creates unique and unprecedented opportunities for today’s corporations to build global leadership capability among their top employees.

The Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) is the premier assessment tool developed by Najafi Global Mindset Institute at Thunderbird School of Global Management to help determine a global leader’s ability to be better prepared for the risks and challenges that come from working with the cultures of a globalized business market

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Developing Global Leadership capability is a key to business success in the globalized business market. Najafi Global Mindset Institute, at Thunderbird School of Global Management, ranked #1 in International Business, has developed the GMI as an assessment tool to help determine who might be better at communicating, doing business with and influencing other people who are unlike themselves. Having a strong Global Mindset profile is a proven predictor of success in global leadership positions.

"The test and the philosophy and research behind it are invaluable for someone working in the global arena".
–David Maher. World Action Teams. Exec Director

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What is Global Mindset?






Not At All

Small Extent

Moderate Extent

Large Extent

Very Large Extent

To What Extent Do You Rating
Intellectual Capital Sample Questions  
Know how global events may affect your industry.  
Know about the geography and history of several cultures.  
Have the ability to understand abstract ideas.  
Psychological Capital Sample Questions  
Enjoy exploring other countries.  
Test your personal abilities.  
Feel comfortable in new environments.  
Social Capital Sample Questions  
Have the ability to work with people from other cultures.  
Have a network of people from other cultures.  
Experience ease with starting a conversation with a stranger.  

* Sample survey questions are not actual GMI questions


Global Mindset is defined as a set of attributes and characteristics that help global leaders better influence individuals, groups and organizations unlike themselves.

It is measured using the Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) survey which assesses three types of capitals and nine competencies.

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GMI Assessment

  • Is a unique approach to building Global Leadership capability 
  • Measures your Global Mindset in three capitals and nine competencies 
  • Is custom tailored learning for your group or individuals 
  • Is a web-based survey consisting of less than 100 questions 
  • Takes an average of 10 minutes to complete 
  • Is available for self-assessment or 360 peer feedback 
  • Was developed through rigorous scientific processes
  • Has been validated by the Dunnette Group 
  • Has been taken by more than 15,000 people in 70 different countries
  • Is available in multiple languages

Applications of the GMI

The GMI has been used to:

  • Develop candidates for possible expatriate roles
  • Coach leaders who are new to one of these roles or to support leaders who are struggling with effectively dealing with the complexities of multiple cultures
  • Develop high-potential executives for global positions. For several of our clients, the GMI has been a key part of the assessment tools and exercises their employees have used to determine developmental capabilities for success.
  • Create personal development plans
  • Enhance the skills of leaders in managing virtual teams
  • Improve the skills of group participants working as part of a virtual teams
  • Identify improvements of global mindset in global action learning training program participants
  • The GMI has also been used to improve the stock of Global Mindset within organizations that have incorporated global mindset into their business strategies or into their organizational values.

Group Workshop

  • A One-day, on-site workshop where you and your colleagues will identify ways of improving your Global Mindset 
  • You will receive a scored report on you and your group’s overall GMI score(s) 
  • Recommendations and suggestions on how to improve your Global Mindset

Sample GMI

  • View a sample GMI survey

Whether you are a corporate manager, the dean of a business school, or a non-profit/governmental manager, the GMI can help you understand the strengths and benefits of having a well developed Global Mindset 

Najafi Global Mindset Institute is dedicated to helping define, measure and develop global leadership, global talent and global knowledge.

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