Najafi Global Mindset Institute

Najafi Global Mindset Institute:
The Preeminent Source for the Science and Practice of Global Leadership

Najafi Global Mindset Institute is dedicated to developing managers for global roles. We help organizations succeed in pursuit of their global strategies by focusing on global leadership and global talent development.

Using rigorous scientific research, including interviews with hundreds of global executives and surveys of over 30,000 individuals in many countries, Global Mindset Institute is able to define, measure, and develop global mindset using our scientific instrument called the Global Mindset Inventory (GMI).

Global Mindset Solutions for Corporations
Globalization creates unique opportunities for today's global leadership development. 
Global Mindset Solutions for Academic Institutions
A quantitative assessment of Global Management & Business students.
GMI Certified Facilitator Workshops
Gain understanding of the survey & become a GMI Certified Facilitator.


  • Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) is the only tool on the market that assesses individual capabilities in working and leading global teams, global strategy and global expansion. GMI should be at every leader's fingertips! 
    Melissa Lamson

  • GMI helps us raise awareness and focus development of a global mindset for our people. 
    Robert M. Burnside
    Partner, Chief Learning Officer

  • I find the GMI to be an extremely useful tool, as it reflects my company’s mission of helping people realize the potential of global business and find the courage to think and act more effectively. 
    Stephanie Vogelius
    GMind (Denmark)

  • The GMI feedback is critical to any leader with global responsibilities. 
    Barrie Zucal, MS
    President and CEO
    Global Coaches Network

  • The GMI goes beyond merely stating that a person needs to develop his or her particular areas of understanding when it comes to knowledge about global issues. 
    Elizabeth A. Tuleja, Ph.D.
    Associate Teaching Professor of Management & Faculty Fellow, Kellogg Institute for International Studies, Northwestern University